Integrating SAP data into a Snowflake data warehouse

Our team at Theobald Software has recently partnered with Snowflake to build a showcase for integrating SAP ERP data into a Snowflake cloud data warehouse. The solution was based on an actual customer case and is described in this blog. Customer Need The customer was looking to replace an existing on-premises data warehouse and analytics toolset with primarily cloud-based services. Critical business data would have to be sourced from SAP ECC (on-premise), in addition to data stored in various databases or flat files. The customer was also looking for a fully automated process to…continue reading →

Making Xtract IS available in Azure-SSIS

Introduction   **UPDATE 2018/07/31** Xtract IS for Azure has been released to public. Please check our online help on where to download and how to set up the software. If you have questions, please contact us at **UPDATE 2018/04/20** Azure-SSIS IR has moved to public preview. Microsoft has provided this guideline on how to set up custom components in Azure-SSIS IR.  It's basically the same steps we followed in our test runs. Feel free to contact us for a public preview version of Xtract IS for Azure. Please send us an email…continue reading →