Create Generic Datasource using Function Module and Timestamps

You can create a generic datasource using a function module. For delta functionality you need a delta field. Some tables like VBAK (Sales Document: Header Data) don't have a timestamp field for creation/change that we can use as a unique delta field but have separate fields for creation date (ERDAT), creation time (ERZET) and change date (AEDAT). To get the data of the VBAK table by using delta functionality we will create a generic datasource using a custom function module which implements the necessary logic. We will create an extraction structure that has…continue reading →

How to use Xtract Universal with HTTPS

Xtract Universal offers a feature to deliver SAP data extraction via https.You have to install a signed certificate or create a self signed certificate on your windows. This blog describes how to set up Xtract Universal and how to configure your IIS on windows 7 to use Xtract Universal with https. An older version of this blog has described the scenario for Xtract QV. Other windows versions may have different configuration. 389continue reading →