Integrating SAP data into a Snowflake data warehouse

Our team at Theobald Software has recently partnered with Snowflake to build a showcase for integrating SAP ERP data into a Snowflake cloud data warehouse. The solution was based on an actual customer case and is described in this blog. Customer Need The customer was looking to replace an existing on-premises data warehouse and analytics toolset with primarily cloud-based services. Critical business data would have to be sourced from SAP ECC (on-premise), in addition to data stored in various databases or flat files. The customer was also looking for a fully automated process to…continue reading →

Invitation to the beta program for Xtract for Alteryx

You are invited to the beta program for Xtract for Alteryx, our newest product for SAP integration with Alteryx. Xtract for Alteryx makes the experience of extracting SAP data in your Alteryx workflow. This beta release is made available to allow a broad user base to test and evaluate the first major version, but is not recommended for production use at this stage. Here you can download your trial version: 1633continue reading →

Cloud scenario for SAP user account creation

This blog post is about how to create SAP user accounts from the cloud. To realize this business scenario the following platforms and tools were used: SAP ERP or BW system on-premise ECS Core as SAP integration platform Nintex Workflow Cloud as workflow solution With ECS Core, Theobald Software provides a connector which enables code and no-code SAP integration for cloud environments and solutions such as Office 365, Nintex Workflow Cloud, Microsoft Flow and many more. For this scenario, ECS Core in combination with Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC) was used. NWC is a very sophisticated workflow solution for process…continue reading →

Mastering SAP Access with Xtract Universal and Powershell

Xtract Universal is an SAP connector that enables you extract save data streams from different SAP ERP and BW objects to different target systems. Xtract Universal offers a command tool that can be used for automating and scheduling the SAP extractions and for integration with different ETL Tools. Powershell also is a powerful and popular task automation and configuration framework from Microsoft that is based on .Net framework and includes a command-line shell and a scripting language. In this blog, I will show tips how to use PowerShell in combination with Xtract Universal.…continue reading →

Sync Dynamics 365 Accounts to SAP in ERPConnect Services Core

In this blog, I will describe a scenario, where a Dynamics 365 account is synchronized in near-real time to SAP, where an SAP customer is created and the SAP customer number is written back to the Dynamics 365 account. For this scenario, I am using the following tools: - SAP ECC system on Premise - ERPConnect Services Core (ECS Core) as SAP Integration platform and the Business Content for SAP customer master data management - Dynamics 365 CRM Account - Microsoft Flow as workflow Let me give you more details about the scenario. The…continue reading →