The 1 Million Cell Limit when extracting BEx Queries and InfoCubes with the BWCube component from SAP BW

The BWCube component enables you extracting a BEx query or an InfoCube via the MDX interface. The MDX interface of the SAP BW system has a known restriction if the result contains too many cells (more than 1 million cells). SAP officially states: "In general the MDX interface is not suitable for accessing mass data". To solve this problem the BWCube component provides the following solutions: 647continue reading →

How to load SAP-data with Xtract Universal to Microsoft Access (and Excel)

Xtract Universal is since 2011 the newest member of the Xtract product line. Eight different SAP extraction types allow the BI architect to create an optimal, stable and fast data layer between SAP and different consumer applications. Xtract Universal essentially consists of two components: a server component and a designer (client). The server component is responsible for the actual extraction. The consumer application communicates with the Server component, and these in turn with SAP. You use the Xtract designer for the design and configuration of the extractions. In this blog, I will show…continue reading →

Create Generic Datasource using Function Module and Timestamps

You can create a generic datasource using a function module. For delta functionality you need a delta field. Some tables like VBAK (Sales Document: Header Data) don't have a timestamp field for creation/change that we can use as a unique delta field but have separate fields for creation date (ERDAT), creation time (ERZET) and change date (AEDAT). To get the data of the VBAK table by using delta functionality we will create a generic datasource using a custom function module which implements the necessary logic. We will create an extraction structure that has…continue reading →