In a time, in which one technological revolution follows the next, it is more important than ever, to place business processes on a level, which is on the one side solid and transparent and on the other side offers a maximum offlexibility and scaling.

With this philosophy, we became a valuable partner for our customers over the past years. Founded in 2004, Theobald Software GmbH is specialized on the development of products for SAP integration. In this blank area, we serve more than 3,100 customers worldwide, nearly every industry and company size.

Because we see ourselves primarily as a supplier of technical infrastructure and not as a consulting or implementation company, an ecosystem of partners has grown around us. All these partners cut the rough diamonds that we provide and build solutions with the help of our tools, that are optimum, not only regarding the price.

Regarding our products, especially in relation with documentation, intuitive usability, scalability and support we gained the competitive edge. Coupled with the pricing we offer a price/performance ratio, which is unique in our sector.

If you have detailed questions about the company, products, employees or clients, please do not hesitate to contact us.