Customer Need
The need to access data from SAP has become a common scenario and is indispensable for the biggest companies in the world. In the past, the responsible people had to have at least a basic understanding of SAP to know where the data is stored in the SAP system. This could quickly become a showstopper, especially if the SAP knowledge is not available or the relevant people do not have the resources to support the business user. This is about to change!

Xtract BCM

The Xtract Business Content Manager (BCM) will do the job for you. Pre-defined views, containing all relevant source objects for the scenario of your choice, will guide you through your SAP integration. The business user only has to know what data he wants to see and Xtract BCM will provision access to all required tables, without having any SAP knowledge.

The limitations, due to a lack of SAP expertise, as well as barriers introduced by technical and often cryptic metadata, belongs to the past. By using aliases, technical names will become understandable and usable for nearly everyone.

The BCM works together with Xtract Universal, our general-purpose tool for SAP data integration. All common databases, BI and analytics tools, as well as cloud storage solutions can be integrated within a few minutes, at the push of a button. The connection always occurs at the SAP application level, in the context of an SAP user. The database underneath the SAP system is irrelevant. SAP systems on HANA are supported without any restrictions.


At the moment, the twelve most common SAP modules, including Financial Accounting (FI), Controlling (CO), Materials Management (MM), Product Planning (PP), CRM (CRM) and Personal Management (HR) are supported with Xtract BCM. This offering will continue to expand over the next months, and we look forward to hear your suggestions for new content.

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