You are invited to the beta program for Xtract for Alteryx, our newest product for SAP integration with Alteryx. Xtract for Alteryx makes the experience of extracting SAP data in your Alteryx workflow.

This beta release is made available to allow a broad user base to test and evaluate the first major version, but is not recommended for production use at this stage.
Here you can download your trial version:

What can I do in the beta version?
– Extract data from SAP Tables and join them on the SAP side. Views and ABAP/HANA CDS Views are supported too.
– Extract data from BW Cubes, BW Queries and other BW InfoProviders

Those two components are a completely new development. Our almost 3000 customers will also benefit from this later on, because we will also offer them in other products such as Xtract IS or Xtract Universal.

What is coming later?
There is more to come in future versions, here are some of the things you will see in the next versions:
– Component to call BAPIs and Function Modules for read and write access to SAP
– Component to extract ODP (Operational Data Provisioning ) enabled extractors.

The ODP component is also a completely new development too and will be offered later in our other products. Another blog on ODP  will follow.

For more information please check the product web site:

Please feel free to report any issue or make a suggestion. We will review all of your input.
Please reach out to .

Let us know if you have any questions and have fun!

Written by Khoder Elzein

Khoder is responsible for presales and always has an attentive ear for our customers, prospectives and partners. When travelling in Germany or abroad, he provides customer support at PoCs, workshops and on training courses. He also looks after the further development of our software solutions. Khoder has been working in IT since the turn of the millennium; he has been a member of team Theobald since 2009. When it comes to private interests, family, nature and reading feature at the top of his list – along with innovative fusion cuisine, as you may infer from his favourite dish of Swabian cheese noodles with tabouleh.