Some SAP integration scenarios require several function modules to be executed in a row in order to complete a process successfully. This is particularly the case for HR processes, where a personnel number must often first be locked and then unlocked  after some changes have been in the personal administration. However, this series of function calls must always take place in the same so-called “connection scope”. The connection scope ensures that the functions are related.

Setting up and using a connection scope is now available as a new feature in the Nintex Workflow Custom Actions in SharePoint On-Premises. These custom actions are part of the ERPConnect Services toolbox and allow read and write access to SAP tables and functions directly within the Nintex Workflow designer.

Using a connection scope in the Call SAP Function Custom Action is super easy: Just create a workflow variable and select it in the Connection Scope window in the configuration screen’s advanced options section:


To begin or end and a connection scope check the respective box, that’s all.

For more information take a look in our OnlineHelp.

Written by Christian Tauchmann

Christian is the first point of contact for our customers on any matters having to do with SAP / SharePoint integration. Apart from that he lends assistance to technical support. He has a qualification in administrative studies. Before joining the Theobald team in 2015, he had spent some years as an SAP applications consultant. A native of Esslingen, he favours outdoor pursuits when it comes to free time – on trails, at marathons, cycle racing or mountain climbing.