When it comes to SAP integration with other technical environments or software there are some considerable new developments and players which have to be taken into account.  One increasingly important fish in the big pond of IT business solutions is Salesforce.

Salesforce is a US-based world leading enterprise application for customer relationship management (CRM). Whereas Salesforce is widespread and well-known in the United States it is only of moderate importance in Europe for the time being, but nevertheless expanding with high growth rates.

One characteristic of Salesforce is that it is a pure cloud solution what means that no local software installation is necessary and everything can be accessed via internet. This is absolutely state of the art and represents a major trend in the IT (see last blog post on SAP integration with Office 365). Because Theobald Software already developed some SAP integration solutions for cloud applications like Microsoft Power BI or SharePoint Online it was only a logical step to turn to the ever more relevant Salesforce.

Since a few weeks Xtract Universal offers a seamless integration between SAP ERP or SAP BW system and Salesforce. In our OnlineHelp you find all the necessary information how to set up and configure this new destination.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions with regard to SAP Salesforce integration.

Written by Christian Tauchmann

Christian is the first point of contact for our customers on any matters having to do with SAP / SharePoint integration. Apart from that he lends assistance to technical support. He has a qualification in administrative studies. Before joining the Theobald team in 2015, he had spent some years as an SAP applications consultant. A native of Esslingen, he favours outdoor pursuits when it comes to free time – on trails, at marathons, cycle racing or mountain climbing.