There is an unmistakable trend towards migrating IT solutions into the cloud. Software applications running in the cloud offer a new range of opportunities to enterprises and private users alike. With Office 365, Microsoft provides an online platform that enables users to access their everyday business applications like email, calendar, file sharing, instant messaging, Office Online, etc. from anywhere. Integrating external data with Office 365 however is difficult by using out-of-the-box features. Nevertheless there is a growing demand to integrate external business data like SAP to cloud environments.

All the more a reason for Theobald Software to develop a solution for smart SAP integration. ERPConnect Services Core (ECS Core) offers an excellent way to integrate SAP data with Office 365/ SharePoint Online. It’s a code and no-code solution what means you can either develop your own applications or you can use a designer to create SAP integrated web services completely without any programming knowledge. This post’s focus lies on the non-code possibilities of ECS Core. In our OnlineHelp there is a good documented and easy-to-follow example of how an SAP integrated web service can be deployed to and called up in a Nintex for Office 365 workflow.

Take a look on the following link on how to create an SAP integrated web service with ERPConnect Services Core:

In this chapter it is described how the web service can be called up in a Nintex for Office 365 workflow:

Written by Christian Tauchmann

Christian is the first point of contact for our customers on any matters having to do with SAP / SharePoint integration. Apart from that he lends assistance to technical support. He has a qualification in administrative studies. Before joining the Theobald team in 2015, he had spent some years as an SAP applications consultant. A native of Esslingen, he favours outdoor pursuits when it comes to free time – on trails, at marathons, cycle racing or mountain climbing.