In this article, we will see how to integrate SAP data into Datazen.

Datazen Software is a mobile business intelligence and data visualization service and has been acquired by Microsoft in April 2015 to accelerate its Power BI strategy.

If you have Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or later Enterprise Edition and Software Assurance you are entitled to download the Datazen Server software at no additional cost.

As an SAP Connector I will use Xtract Universal to extract sales data from SAP BW using a query.
In Xtract Universal I will use the OData destination since Datazen supports OData datasources.

Step 1: Create the extraction in Xtract Universal

In Xtract Universal create an extraction based on a BW query and set the Destination to OData.

Then click the Run button and copy the URL.


Step 2: Create the Datasource on the Datazen Server

Log in to the Control Panel of the Datazen Server. Under Datasources create a new Data Connection.
Set a name and the Data Provider to OData Web Service. Then click Next.


In the second step set the access rights and click Finish.

Now click on New Dataview.
Set a name and paste the URL of the extraction into the field OData view URL and click Next.

Now you will see a preview of the data.

The SAP data are now available as an OData Datasource in Datazen.


Step 3: Create your Dashboard with Datazen Publisher
Open your Datazen Publisher on a Windows 8 OS and set the Connection to the Datazen Server.


In a dashboard click on Data View -> Add Data -> Datazen Server and select your dataview.



Now your SAP OData datasource is available and can be used in your dashboard.


Now you can publish your dashboard to the Datazen server.



Give it a try

With a few steps outlined in this blog, you can integrate SAP data in your Datazen Dashboards. It’s easy to get started, Theobald Software’s Xtract Universal is available for free for a trial period. For further info, check out:

Written by Khoder Elzein

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