This sample is a Visual Studio 2012 solution that creates a BDC / BCS model (external content type) in SharePoint connected to SAP using ERPConnect Services Runtime (ECS).

To read and change Bank items in SAP in SharePoint …

I provide BCS model (Visual Studio 2012) with read and write access to the SAP object Bank, so viewing and editing a bank in the SAP system is possible in the external list in SharePoint.

To use this template, make sure at first that you created an ECS application service in SharePoint. This BCS model uses the default ECS application service.

Deploy the BCS model to SharePoint. The external content type SAPBank is now available in SharePoint.

Create an external list based on the SAPBank external content type.

Now you can view Bank items …

… and edit Bank items.

You can download the sample here (Visual Studio 2012).

Written by Khoder Elzein

Khoder is responsible for presales and always has an attentive ear for our customers, prospectives and partners. When travelling in Germany or abroad, he provides customer support at PoCs, workshops and on training courses. He also looks after the further development of our software solutions. Khoder has been working in IT since the turn of the millennium; he has been a member of team Theobald since 2009. When it comes to private interests, family, nature and reading feature at the top of his list – along with innovative fusion cuisine, as you may infer from his favourite dish of Swabian cheese noodles with tabouleh.