Xtract BW Loader is one out of the nine components of Xtract IS, the SAP Connector for the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) by Theobald Software.

BW Loader allows to load data to SAP BW objects using an InfoPackage (refer to SAP help to know more about InfoPackages).

In this blog I will show you how to use BW Loader in conjunction with an Infopackage to load data into InfoObject Texts. You can use BW Loader in conjunction with other Infopackages too, to load data to other BW objects, like InfoObject attributes, hierarchies or InfoCubes.

In this scenario I have created the InfoObject ZCUSTOMER with the following settings. If you have already an InfoObject you can skip to STEP 1.

Create an InfoObject (using transaction code RSA1).

Set a name (e.g. ZCUSTOMER).

Set data type and length.

On the Master data/texts tab select the following options.

STEP 1: Create an RFC Destination

Create an RFC Destination XTRACT 01 using the transaction code SM59 (for more information refer to SAP help).

STEP 2: Create an InfoSource 3.x

Create an InfoSource 3.x (for more information refer to SAP help).

Set the option “Direct Update of Master Data” und select the InfoObject ZCUSTOMER.

Confirm the message.

STEP 3: Create Transfer Rules

Now create the transfer rules (for more information refer to SAP help).

Select the Source System XTRACT01.

Confirm the message.

Click on the save button.

STEP4: Create InfoPackage

Create an InfoPackage.

Set the description, select the Destination and click on Save.

On the tab Schedule, select “Start later in Background”, click on Scheduling options, then on immediate and on the save button.

Save the InfoPackage.

STEP 5: Use Xtract BW Loader component

As a source I will use an SQL table with 2 columns defined as following:

In SSIS create a data flow task, define the connections to the SQL database and to SAP, and add two components: an OLE DB Source for the SQL table and Xtract BW Loader.

Define the BW Loader component and map pipeline elements to the InfoObject fields.

Execute the data flow in SSIS.

Check the log in SAP.

Check the content of the InfoObject ZCUSTOMER.

In this blog I showed how to use Xtract BW Loader to load data from an SQL table into SAP BW InfoObject Texts. SSIS allows to use other Sources (e.g. FlatFiles). BWLoader can load data to Infopackages that can be forwarded to other SAP BW objects like InfoObject attributes, hierarchies or InfoCubes.

Written by Khoder Elzein

Khoder is responsible for presales and always has an attentive ear for our customers, prospectives and partners. When travelling in Germany or abroad, he provides customer support at PoCs, workshops and on training courses. He also looks after the further development of our software solutions. Khoder has been working in IT since the turn of the millennium; he has been a member of team Theobald since 2009. When it comes to private interests, family, nature and reading feature at the top of his list – along with innovative fusion cuisine, as you may infer from his favourite dish of Swabian cheese noodles with tabouleh.