The ReportBuilder is a standalone application to connect with a Report Server and create reports based on shared data sources / datasets. As the ReportBuilder does not support 3rd party Data Providers, we must rely on shared data sources to be able to use Xtract RS within the Report Builder.

To use shared data sources and datasets, first you have to create some, and deploy them on the ReportServer.

First we create a shared DataSource on the ReportServices using Visual Studio 2008. The SQL Server is an SQL Server 2008 R2.

The next step is to configure the shared data source. Fill in the connection details with the SAP logon data.

We have also to fill in the SAP logon credentials.

The next step is to create a shared data set.

Select the data source you recently created and start the query designer.

The Xtract RS dialog opens to configure the dataset using an SAP Table, a Query, a BAPI or even a BW Query.

Now the dataset is ready to use.

The data source and the dataset are ready to be deployed:

Check the log details for success:

Now start the ReportBuilder 3.0.

At the start screen, we select New Report and the Chart Wizard.

Then we select or browse the created shared dataset Sflight_DataSet

In the next screen we can choose the Chart Type – Column.

The arrangement of the fields in the chart is made in the following screen.
We want to display the maximum and the mininum price for each carrier.

With the style selection the wizard finishes.

Now we can design the report. Add titles, rename the legends and so on.

Run the report, and enjoy the result…

Written by AliBabi

Ali is part of the bedrock of Theobald Software. With a qualification as an industrial business management assistant, he was the first full-time member of the team. He ensures that our customers get professional support at all times. Ali has had more than 20 years of experience in SAP development and consulting. And in 2013 the Frickler-net expert again made Theobald history – as the first member of staff of our branch in Istanbul. In private life his interests are photography and computer games.